This YouTube Video Could Blast Your Pixel

Smartphones the ones canicule are powerful. Some can booty 8K video, even as others suffering with the acceleration and achievement of computing tool computers. However, all that avant-garde computational cappotential isn`t anyt any bout for the appalling strain of…a extraordinary YouTube video—at atomic on the Google Pixel.

(I didn`t apperceive smartphones need to get scared, but, hey, it`s a demanding scene.) Artlessly affairs up the video can blast your Pixel, causing it to reboot and acknowledgment to the residence screen. Redditor OGPixel5 appears to be the aboriginal to awareness at the issue, demography to r/GooglePixel on Saturday to ask if really anyone distant places had the aforementioned problem. Turns out, truely a few did, even as others, understandably, abhorred attempting out the blow on their very personal Pixels.

9to5Google activated the video on their Pixel 7 Pro, and observed agnate results. At most, they could cull up the video if it wasn`t playing, but as anon as they hit the Play button, the exhilaration should crash. In practice, that organisation borer the video file, which about launches the video beeline away, crashes the accessory instantly.Based on the aboriginal Reddit thread, it seems the affair affects a ambit of Pixel devices.In addition, some complained of twist of destiny admission to mobileular connectivity for account afterwards the crash.

One client on the aboriginal Reddit cilia theorized the affair may be accompanying to the wallpaper that turn out to be killing Android phones a brace of years back. As Mrwhosetheboss credibility out in his video on the subject, the wallpaper turn out to be software a different, introduced blush contour than Android uses (ProPhoto RGB vs. SRGB). That abandoned isn`t a problem, as Android artlessly converts from one contour to another. However, there was one pixel withinside the wallpaper whose blush ethics have been too widespread for Android to handle, abolition the performed system.

It`s reachable there`s article agnate twist of destiny in this Alien clip. Perhaps one anatomy (or alike one pixel) of this unique HDR video short-circuits Android`s blush processing. If so, I brainstorm Google will affair a software program software amend to actual for the issue.

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